About Us

Pronounced /FEE-male/

Origin: The words Phoenix and Female combined.  A Woman rising from Ashes.

Our Mission

 Phoemale is a non-profit organization created by and for women. We help those who have overcome domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking and/or homelessness rebuild their lives, and like the Phoenix, rise from the ashes.

Our Vision

 Phoemale helps women take the next step in their journey toward rebuilding their lives. We partner with social-service agencies to identify women who have the desire and plan to move forward, but lack resources. Phoemale is unique in that we fill the gaps that other agencies have not. All donations directly benefit women in need.

Upcoming Event


Phire & Ice 2020

  Our 5th Annual Fundraiser. To date, we have made over $60K in disbursements to survivors. 100% of ticket price and auction proceeds will go directly to women who are Survivors of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Human Trafficking, and Homelessness. These Survivors have demonstrated that they have taken meaningful steps to rebuild their lives, have a plan for next steps, and have a gap in that plan that no other charity can fill.